An Oak Tree

Two Actors. One has rehearsed the play. The second has never even read it.  Performed by a different person each night, the second actor will discover the play and their role at the same time as you do.

In this MIDWEST PREMIERE, An Oak Tree asks, how do we transform our world in order to survive our pain? How do we create our own reality? Anything can happen in this play that illuminates the magic of theater – a cheap trick and a genuine spell all at once.

 Gage Wallace- First Actor

Gage Wallace- First Actor


An Oak Tree by Tim Crouch

Dates: November 3 - December 9, 2018

November 11- FREE ASL Interpreted Night

November 30th- Touch Tour beginning at 6pm


Athenaeum Theatre 2936 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60657


Red Theater company members Gage Wallace and Jeremy Aluma



First Actor- Gage Wallace*

Second Actor- Different Every Night.


November 1st – Dana Black 
November 2nd – Stephanie Shum
November 3rd – Cruz Gonzalez-Cadel
November 4th – Alejandro Tey
November 5th – Terry Bell
November 9th – Adithi Chandrashekar
November 10th – Kevin D’Ambrosio
November 11th – Katy Collins
November 15th – Isa Arciniegas
November 16th – Carolyn Hoerdemann
November 17th – Richard Cotovsky
November 18th – Omer Abbas Salem
November 24th – Niko Kourtis
November 25th – Eric Gerard
November 26th – Mike Tepeli
November 30th – Echaka Agba
December 1st – Tina Muñoz Pandya
December 2nd – Aja Wiltshire
December 6th – Kurt Chiang
December 7th – Avi Roque
December 8th – Ayanna Bria Bakari
December 9th – Debo Balogun

 Jeremy Aluma- Director

Jeremy Aluma- Director


Director- Jeremy Aluma*

Assistant Director: Jen Sloan
Set & Props Designer Alex Casillas
Costume Designer Hailey Rakowiecki*
Lighting Designer Abby Beggs
Sound Designer John Nichols
Dramaturg: Ashley Brenon
Production Manager Liz Larsen
Stage Manager: Michael Starcher
Producers: Aaron Sawyer*, Marisa Lerman*, and Anna Rachel Troy

*Red Theater Company Member 


Non Player Character

By Walt McGough


Directed by Beth Wolf

Aspiring video game designer Katja and her longtime friend Trent are an unstoppable team against animated monsters in the virtual underworlds of SpearLight, an online role-playing game. But after a humiliating falling-out, Trent marshals an army of internet trolls to wage real-life war against her. Comic and poignant, Non-Player Character is a timely, boldly theatrical exploration of the games we play and who’s winning.

images (2).jpeg


Katja- Alice Wu

Trent- Matthew Schnitker

Aria- Tracey Green

Caspar- Michael Saubert

Naomi/Crone- Vahishta Vafadari

Morwyn/Officer- Almanya Narula

Feldrick- Ian Michael Minh

Grant/Farmer Jenkins- TBD


Marisa Lerman

Chris Mueller        

Production Team     

Director- Beth Wolf

Assistant Director-     

Stage Manager- Becky Warner


Technical Director-     

Lighting Designer- Charles Blunt

Costume Designer- Sanja Manakoski

Projections Designer- Erin Pleake

Sound Designer-

Violence Designer- Maureen Yasko

Violence Designer- Chris Smith

 Director Beth Wolf

Director Beth Wolf