Red Theater accepts summaries and excerpts of plays you’d like us to consider.

We are excited to hear from playwrights that experiment with styles and genres; ask questions; push extremes in movement and voice; present difficult ideas; explore impossible staging. We are excited to receive submissions from emerging playwrights all over the country. Here are some ground rules:Red Theater does not accept full script submissions

We do accept, appreciate and delight in receiving ten page excerpts accompanied by brief summaries of the play you’d like us to consider. Before submitting material, we strongly encourage you to read our mission statement, research our production history, and even see a Red Theater production to get to know our interests, energy, and aesthetic. To be considered, please send a synopsis of your play, a character breakdown, and a ten-page sample.

All material must be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address:

If we like what we see, we’ll reach out to read more.

Please include all contact information with your submission.

Casting Contact

If you are an actor who would like to work with Red Theater's Free mission, we accept resumes and head shots year round.

Please contact us at for consideration.

Finality 30

Finality AKA The Dentist (Scene 1.   Lights up.  Party of adults in their 30s and 40s.   Music and dancing.   CLARA dances with DAVID.) CLARA.  You are a great dancer. DAVID.  So are you. CLARA.   What kind of medicine do you practice? DAVID.  I’m a dentist. CLARA. …

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you want a trophy?

You want a trophy? By Mandy canales (A door is at the center of the stage and is being run into as if people are trying to get in. After about five slams, Felipe and Janeane burst in, panting and catching their breath. The stage is empty except for a …

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You heard it here

You heard it here By Mandy canales (Maria, a news reporter, on stage behind a desk) Maria: And thank you for joining us. I’m Marie Castaneda and we’re going to begin our evening with the leading story – marshmallows have been found in the duck pond behind the mall. No …

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