You Are Happy

by Rebecca Deraspe

translated from French to English by Leanna Brodie

A play simultaneously in English and American Sign Language

October 26 - December 8, 2019


Directed by Mary Kate Ashe & Aaron Sawyer

Concept by Giulianna Marchese

Produced by Marisa Lerman and Abigail Lafont

Featuring #DeafTalent

ASL Translators Brendan Connelly, Michelle Schaefer, Mary Kate Ashe

“Hi. It’s all over.”

Bridget finds her brother Jeremy in a closet attempting suicide. Again. Determined to help him find some kind of happiness, she carts around grocery stores looking for his potential wife. She meets Chloe and her plans to stage a happily-ever-after are finally set. Performed in English and American Sign Language.


Aaron Sawyer,



Mary Kate Ashe,


A reading of You Are Happy with #DeafTalent

A reading of You Are Happy with #DeafTalent

Producers Marisa Lerman and Clare Brennan