Season Seven

Red Theater Chicago is thrilled to announce its 2018-19 season of three productions, each keeping with Red Theater’s mission to ask dangerous questions theatrically.


The season kicks off with Tim Crouch’s bold, absurdly-comic play, An Oak Tree, directed by company member Jeremy Aluma.  A Father loses his daughter to an automobile accident. The driver of that car is a Hypnotist, played by Red Theater company member and Jeff Award Winner Gage Wallace, who has lost the power of suggestion since the accident.  His act is a disaster. For the first time since the accident, these two men meet when the father volunteers for the hypnotist’s act.  The Father is played by a different guest actor at each performance who walks on stage having neither seen nor read a word of the play they’re in … until they’re in it.  An Oak Tree runs from Oct. 6 through Nov. 11.

Director Jeremy Aluma


Gage Wallace


The new year kicks off with Red Theater’s mounting of True West, Sam Shepard’s classic tale of sibling rivalry between two estranged brothers reconnecting in a combative pursuit of the American Dream. They reflect each others masculinity, redefine their dominance, and re-imagined the relationship in surprising ways. The cast features Jeff Kurysz* and David Cerda.  Directed by Red Theater Artistic Director Aaron Sawyer, True West will run Jan. 19 through Feb. 17.

Lee- Evan Linder

male and female iterations of Jeff Kurysz

Austin: Jeff Kurysz


David Cerda looking at camera

Saul: David Cerda

aaron looking at camera in black and white with glasses

Aaron Sawyer, Artistic Director

Closing out the season is Walt McGough’s Non-Player Character. Aspiring video game designer Katja and her longtime friend Trent are an unstoppable online RPG team.  But after a humiliating falling-out, Trent marshals an army of internet trolls to wage real-life war against her.  Comic and poignant, Non-Player Character is a timely, boldly theatrical exploration of the games we play and who’s winning.  Directed by Midsommer Flight Artistic Director Beth Wolf, Non-Player Character will go up in April/May 2019.

Director Beth Wolf

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