Red Hamlet

Red Hamlet merges elements of vaudeville, dance, and poetry in a modern text about a boy who so loved his tyrannical father, he’ll throw away everything rather than face the truth.

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In this aggressive retelling, powerful imagery and pure heart collide in an unmissable theatrical experience.RTCRedHamlet


“While the comedy is intoxicating, the serious themes are equally gripping, and the somber moments are beautifully played; the command of range shown by this cast is formidable. I’ve heard said of Shakespearean adaptations that The Bard would be proud. In this case, The Bard wouldn’t just be proud; he’d be a little bit jealous.” – Joy Campbelll, Chicago Theater Beat

“Sawyer’s stalwart cast expertly navigate the shifting terrain, managing to stand their ground when they need to hit emotional paydirt. Unexpected delights arise in this 90-minute marvel…” – Justin Hayford, The Chicago Reader

Chicago Premiere

March 14-March 21st (Previews)

March 22nd- April 21, 2013

From the Minnesota Fringe:

“The script’s way with language is often stunning. The cast’s finely timed interactions in word and deed bounce between being achingly human and highly stylized with nary a hiccup. This thing is a real kick to watch. If you know how Hamlet ends, you still don’t know how Red Hamlet ends. Red Theater’s Red Hamlet took everything I was convinced I didn’t like about Fringe shows and turned it on its head and made me love it. “

– Matthew A. Everett,Twin Cities Daily Planet 8.5.2011


[Red Hamlet] was the best show I have ever seen in the Fringe. I have never seen a show blend well the various theater and movement styles show perfectly into a wonderful top notch show. This version of Hamlet really showed a different side that I have never thought of before.  I really hope to see this group in next year’s Fringe Festival.” – Rachel Reiva, Twin Cities Daily Planet 8.15.2011

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Cast & Crew

Hamlet: Gage Wallace*

Ophelia: Meredith Ernst

Claudius: Stephen Fedo

Gertrude: Laura Jones

Polonius: Jared McDaris

Laertes: Timothy R. Lane

Rosencrantz: Erin O’Connor

Guildenstern: Christopher Paul Mueller

Fortinbras: Jeff Kurysz

Director: Aaron Sawyer*
Producing Director: Kim Chelf*
Assistant Director: John Gleason Teske*
Stage Manager: Janette Bauer

Scenic Design: Rachel Finn
Lighting Design: Julie Ballard
Costume Design: Matthew Lott*
Sound Design: Steve Labedz
Property Design: Kim Chelf*
Composer: Sydney Ray
Fight Designer: Orion Couling
Casting Director: Gus Steiner
Audience Development: John Gleason Teske*
Marketing by James Juliano & Jill Evans at Shout! Media
Graphic Design: Jen L’amour Dorman

*Denotes Company Member

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