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Red Theater Chicago is an independent 501(c)3 collective that shares its mission statement with five Red Collectives in Chicago, Lincoln, Omaha, Tucson, and Purchase, NY , each being solely responsible for their programming and finances. Red has collectives
It is the mission of Red Theater to honor all audiences by “asking dangerous questions theatrically.” Red Theater has a strong history of empowerment toward nontraditional voices and artfully exploring controversial subjects. Recent productions have asked questions such as: Is violence necessary to provide dignity to disempowered individuals? Do the limits of consent between adults extend to murder? What responsibility does Deaf Culture have in tearing down communication/culture barriers?

aaron sawyer

Aaron Sawyer, Founder Red Theater Collectives

Why are we free?

Theater can change the world, but to do that it has to be accessible to the entire world — “to the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Theater is a living communal narrative art ; theater is for all of us.

We are able to provide Free Theater by enlisting the generosity of corporations, foundations, and donors like you!



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RT_ActLike_FBcoverExperiencing what they believe to be an artistic awakening, a group of students ask themselves “What is theater?”, and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln bans their performances. This documentary focuses on the tension between the disruptive nature of the artist and institutions of higher learning.


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Our Free Theater mission allows us to ask dangerous questions theatrically.


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