The Ninth Challenge: REPETITION

Due 11/10/18 at 7am

I’m not a music expert. Like I know enough to be inspired and feel things a little more than if I didn’t know those things- so caveat on the below.

Numba nine. Numba nine. Numba nine. The Beatles had Revolution 9 on The White Album- a sound collage John Lennon said where he was trying to paint a picture of a revolution using sound. Wikipedia  Song on youtube

The Rolling Stones would tune their guitars (like a banjo I believe) to have an open “drone string” that played the same note no matter the chord (G). “5 strings, 3 notes, 2 hands, and 1 asshole” - Keith Richards

Fundamentals: One of the “inherently theatrical” energies that playwrights don’t usually have the guts to play with is REPETITION. Repetition is inherently theatrical because of its tyranny. It’s brutal. It’s dominant and restricting. It affects everything around it and make us want to break free- to revolt.

When it ends, there is relief and release. When it varies, we are drawn in.

Repetition is part of trance- part of “rain dance”- part of transporting oneself from the mundane into another realm, a better future, the distant past.

Structure:  Write a personal monologue- a biased, dogmatic, angry monologue. Do NOT walk the middle line. Irresponsibly feed your worst desires to flatten and burn and rip up your opposition. There is no justice, only victory. Use facts if you like, but lie about them. Don’t look them up, that’s not what today is about. Use personal testimony if you like, but exaggerate.

Then- ADD A DRONE CHORUS or tech element that interrupts and interjects and interludes.

Make it compelling.

Make it a little girl with a frilly dress holding flowers and asking you if you can play with her.

Make it a violin

Make it the sound of traffic.

Make sure it makes EMOTIVE sense in relationship to the other subjects on stage.

Probably you should write in two columns

Hasty example:

Today I want to talk to you about my mother

(strong violin)

She used to play the violin in public

(strong violin)

Before the accident with the knife.

(violin trill)

I was just a boy

(strong violin)

and was disobeying

(strong violin)

Like usual

(violin trill)