Due 11/9 by 7am CST

Sorry for the delay. We’re all still a day early, but I’ll try to get back ahead here.

Lots of excuses and good reasons but for now- let’s get to work.

Challenge: Sensual Sports

Due 11/9 by 7am CST

Put something athletic on stage.

Don’t worry about how, that’s the production’s job. You have an unlimited budget. This is going to have a national tour, a movie series, and… just don’t worry about HOW.

Do worry about the senses. Involve in the action the scents, touch, tastes, and physicality of the sport.

Do focus on the dichotomy and dance in sports between civil intellectual strategy and pure animal power present.

Unless you have a huge passion and individual ownership of a sport- something that gives you a unique voice or ability to make its essence come to life- think about nontraditional sports for the stage.





Make the audience taste the sweat, smell the grass, or feel the leather.

Ultimately sports narratives are RAIN DANCES - if you’re remembering my past declarations about the nature of theater.


There’s a sacrifice and a summoning and an interaction with the GODS, then finally a judgement- and with that comes glory or shame

Hollywood Bonus: Make your hero a demi-god of sorts- but their power is the cause of their insecurity and estrangement from the community