Dystopian Love Story


Due 11/8/18 at 7am CST 

When I was an assistant at a television literary desk in LA, I heard it said that audiences will give you one thing, and the rest has to be justified and comfortable.

That thing today is a sort of dystopian future where X has happened.



I SWEAR IF ANYBODY WRITES SOMETHING OTHER THAN A ROMANCE I’M GONNA probably just like give you a hug and ask why you feel the need to defy everything I say and do. Don’t you know I only want the best for you? Don’t you know I’m looking out for you? I’m protecting you from YOURSELF, Donny, and if you can’t see that maybe… no I don’t want to say it. Maybe… oh this is going to hurt. Maybe you don’t… love me?



You’re supposed to say something…


When you finally do, you say, “but Aaron, Romantic Comedy is a HACK genre.”

“Good!," I say, while dropping this shtick.

I DARE you to write HACK.

Or more specifically, I dare YOU to write it because what any genre needs is someone with your freaking brilliance and life experience to give something GENUINE to it for a change.  How’s the world supposed to get any better if all the talented people huddle together in a corner and comment on each other’s napkin scribbles? Get out there!


It’s a present. I’m giving you a present. Tear the wrapping paper up, but stay inside the box.


What dystopian thing has happened?


  • Your daughter just accepted a marriage proposal from an Artificial Intelligence being that exists in the Cloud and was made by Apple. You’re a PC family.

  • You and your friends have just retired from Walmart in a glorious mass walk-out have just turned 70, but due to a medical breakthrough your life expectancy just jumped forward another sixty years. You’ll live to be at least 150 and your kids will likely live to be 200.

  • You are ranked by the government based on your social media activity, exercise routine (or lack of), and economic well-being. You posted something that was viewed as insensitive to some community and now--- you’ve los the right to vote or—- enter your home- until you fix it. Fix it.

  • We are under martial law. The internet is censored. Power is rationed. Cell phone service is shut off. You do, however, know Morse Code.