Challenge: Host an Election

Due 11/7/2018 by 7am

In 1996, I went to a thing called Boy’s State in Nebraska growing up. It was a weeklong model student government. We had to decide whom to elect to what offices, and from that came a set of values that drew support from one candidate over another until the whole thing came to a head as we elected a governor.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 11.15.47 AM.png

The issue of our imaginary state potentially declaring English as the official language was hotly contested between two candidates, one from my clan defending status quo, and a slick, attractive charmer from another arguing for the declaration.


Yes, you can ignore this prompt. Yes you can write in the normal mix of 3-5 nameless and genderless characters you have a habit of using. Yes, you can write with a fourth wall.




Divide the audience. Name them.

Have a debate over the name of something that has regional variance.

Example: Whether Soda should be called Pop or Coke or whatever.


Be inspired by various forms of appeal

  • Have “Appeal to authority” with expert testimony

  • Have “Appeal to authenticity” with personal narratives

  • Have “Appeal to tradition”

  • Have “Appeal to logic”

  • Have “Appeal to ad nauseum” repeating a point over and over and over

  • Etc


Each of these can be a character or a history or an interjection


Each should be treated as a mini-play with an inciting conflict between what they want to say and someone else- the other politician? A clan of audience?  And each resolve in a climax.


Finish with a victor- bonus to surprise yourself and the audience that it’s satisfyingly the opposite of your point of view.