due 11/27/18 by 7am

So, based on my super boring definition of theatrical energy (heretofore uncontested as the definitive definition of theater ever assembled in the English language)… are public stonings and hangings theater?

Let’s do one and find out.

First, find a religious or governmental text that demands punishment by death.


CHALLENGE: Kill someone on stage for committing a crime.

Get yer hackles up! Be cruel. CRUEL.

Also, elevate this villain. Make the cruelty a necessity for proper cleansing.

NO FOURTH WALL (duh- fourth walls suck)

Heck, invite the audience to participate.

Use social media in some way, if you can stomach it. I know a lot of you HATE social media on stage because, well, it’s something nobody has really mastered yet.


THIS IS NOT A COMEDY (unless you want it to b … and then chuckle away ya freaky goofball!)

DO NOT KILL THE PRESIDENT (that’s tomorrow. killing the president is more of a Tuesday thing. Monday is cleaning. Wednesday is laundry.)

THIS IS A RAIN DANCE (probably- it’s also totally possible to make this a calm sacrificial campfire story—- but you heavily risk sliding back into morality tale)

Consider non-proscenium staging. This is a good elevated round or alley moment. Why does that matter for how you write?

Well, it’s about what works best in each.

Elevated round is about hope and judgement

Compare contrast and time shifts are best in alley.

Don’t believe me? Don’t worry! I’m just making it up…. but I’m right though. I am.

Is arrogance a crime worthy of a death sentence?