GUEST CONTRIBUTION From Red Theater Purchase (the fourth collective)


Due 11/23/18 by 7am CST



From Founding Member Kaitlyn Chaucer-

Most of my life I thought the phrase "falling in love" was ridiculous. Who wants to combine something great with falling which sucks? But I went skydiving a couple years ago and that's about the biggest fall you can do, right? And that's when it started to almost make sense.

You see, before you fall, you're anxious about it. You either really desire to fall like with sky diving and your so nervous about it happening that you can't think of anything else (I may have cried in the plane, but whatever) or you never think about it and you're still gonna fall sometimes even if it's just a little trip or stumble.

  • At first, it's exhilarating. You feel butterflies in your stomach and all kinds of chemical responses. The longer the fall, the less chemicals you feel and the more normalized it is. With sky diving, once the new-ness left and I stopped screaming long enough to open my eyes, it was one of the most beautiful experiences. There was a gentle fullness and pride that I had finally done it. The view was amazing and I saw the world thru the same Rose colored glasses I have about my long term relationships.

  • And then there's the fell. The end. The over. When you see it coming, you can prepare and land gracefully and avoid pain. When it comes as a surprise, it can cause damage. It can hurt for a while and you have to heal. There are people too afraid of the fell to let themselves fall, but in doing so, they miss falling. Somewhere between fall and fell is my happy place. When the anxiety is over and there's just acceptance exactly as you are. I know one day, the fell will come. After all, we can't fall forever. But I'm glad I have someone willing to flap their wings with me to try to make the falling last the rest of our lives.


Former Artistic Director- Em Hampton

It can be physical, mental, emotional. - can contain one, two, or all three of those words

i wrote a piece where i sang “if i fell in love with you would you promise to be true, so help meeee” (Beatles) about an abusive relationship. and then i re-sang “help meee” a bunch of times while people were holding me like one of those pig roasts

until someone puts an apple in my mouth from the audience to help me*