It’s really fun to see the world’s that you’re all creating. Such talent!


A lot of these are just like the start of barely one thing happening and then it resolves. Try to see if you can write into the NEXT thing that happens. Just one more escalation and complication. You can do it! You’ll be glad you did.




Some (not all) of the dialogue I’m seeing is, um, stream of conscious stuff that seems like one mind talking to itself.

“No it isn’t!”

“Darlin’, it so is you don’t even kinda know”

Today, let’s break that. I want to urge you to break that.

CHALLENGE: Be you, but be outside your social comfort zone. 

You’ve been commissioned to write for a company that is amaaazing. You’re their first commission. They picked you because of the unique way you write and the unique things they know about.


This company is ensemble focused, entirely People of Color (variations that are OUTSIDE of you) and fall everywhere on the gender and sexual spectrums. A few have English as a second language. While they want you to write ABOUT something you know really really well, they also want you to write for them as performers/humans/artists.


You’ve spent a month with them on their current project, getting to know them. Getting a feel for each individual’s unique voice. They’re truly the most amazing artists you know, an idyllic mesh of culture and perspective and sex and respect and discipline and frenzy. How do they do it? Who cares! They want you to be part of it.


You almost slept with one of them last night. Thank goodness you didn’t.


Now write the play. For them. With you. For everyone.


If it’s about gardening in Maine because that’s what you know, then that’s what it’s about--- but it’s about THEM gardening in Maine with YOU.


Avoid: White savior plays. Period.

Avoid: Writing characters all the same because all humans are really the same and any differences are just a function of the male patriarchy but really it’s just your excuse not to keep writing like the sexually repressed bland-ass coward you really are. (oh my! does he mean it? He’s been so complimentary in the past!)

Avoid: Letting your brain shut off from fear of writing in a dialect that isn’t yours.

Avoid: Letting that one asshole on Twitter limit you from expression that is inclusive.

Do: become a vessel that has noises in it that aren’t yours and let them flow through your fingers. The editor can come later, but the spirits need openness to arrive.