Due 11/14/18 by 7am


So I’m like body vibrating with yuck hot shivers shaking on the toilet stocking cap under the covers sick sick

There’s this American Idealism that we all have seen 10,000 hours of that says that the main character needs to be trying to get better. Trying to get what they want in a way that is universally considered to be healthy and/or bettering their condition if not wise.

After losing a war, in many countries you see another kind of art where the protagonist wants to destroy themselves. They did terrible things during the war and for a losing cause and they hate themselves and everyone and got pushed to their limits and…. That’s the goal.

CHALLENGE: Self-destruction

The cleansing decent into a puking puddle on the floor that releases and absolves them.

GOAL: We should feel their release and be happy for them as they sit freezing cold and naked in a wheelbarrow covered in horseshit drinking whiskey until they pass out.

OBVIOUS: You should swap in your personal idea of negative self-destruction and not use mine. That’s how it will get all good an’ shit.

Right? Right?