Due 11/15 by 7am CST

Okay, still sick and writing this.

But I’m not sick OF writing this.

CHALLENGE: write a reaction play.

Reaction to what?

Normally I have you read something someone else wrote, and write a reaction piece to it- ideally with some sort of opposition or violent take on it.

So… that… or

Anything. You just have to link it at the top of your piece so that we can see the context.

React to:

Another play from the challenge (already stated)

An advertisement to make you mentally healthy

A news story

A television show

Be sure to LINK TO IT

RULES: This is all about dogmatism and catharsis and PLOT PLOT PLOT

Don’t get trapped in the ethical or factual blah blah blah- this is not a text book! This is a play.

Move that plot.

Make us care about something fast and then MAKE THINGS HAPPEN

LET’S MOVE PEOPLE! (in terms of speed)


LET’S MOVE PEOPLE! (in terms of emotion)

Like, idk kill a baby to win your point. Set something on fire.


React fully and perhaps irresponsibly.

Nobody is ever glad they went to a play because of how responsible it all was. Right?

“I will forever remember this one play where every character was just so mature and responsible about every subject that came up.” - nobody ever