November Writing Challenge 2018

Register: To register, please post as test below after making a wager/donation of $15 BY CLICKING HERE.

Red Theater takes 10% of the pot, and the rest is distributed among those who posted by the deadline each of the 30 days of November.

Rules: Write and post by commenting on the prompt link every day by the deadline. That’s it! Prompts will be emailed or can be found 48ish hours ahead of deadline here.

Anti-Rules: You don't have to follow the prompts. There’s no such thing as a post being "good enough" to qualify or “winning” at the end other than completing the challenge.

Suggestion: Pseudonyms are highly encouraged to free writers. Only I will know (and only care at the end when you claim your award.) It will free you to write outside of your comfort zones.

“It was one of the best things I did all year. Thanks so much for creating an event that encouraged me to write in new ways.” – playwright, Arlene Hutton

”This challenge has at least tripled, maybe quintupled the number of viable ten minute plays I’ve written” - playwright, Martin Heavisides

I will definitely be joining again next year and encouraging some of my friends to do the same! - playwright, Bianca Phipps