Matthew Freer

Introducing Red Theater Chicago Associate and Resident Photographer:

Matthew Freer

Matthew Freer

Matthew Freer

Birthday: October 27

Hometown: Malang, Indonesia

Childhood Nickname: I never had a nickname as a child

Favorite Genre: Absurdist

Favorite Role Thus Far: Photographing R+J

Dream Show: Glengarry Glen Ross

Who would you go to Dinner and Show with, and what show: Samuel Becket, all female “Waiting for Godot”

Biggest risk you’ve taken: Swimming at night in the Indian ocean and getting caught in an undertow.

A surprising truth: I once started a riot.

Favorite Red Theater memory: R+J wrap party end of first cast run.

The next big jump: Continuing my push to create in spite of any unknowable or uncontrollable obstacles.

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