Comrade Patron Program


com·rade      /ˈkämˌrad/ 1. companion who shares one’s activities or is a fellow member of an organization

Comrade Card holder contributions of $10/month or more enable free admission to our captioned and touch tour performances.

Comrades also support new works devoted to the stories of nontraditional audiences:

including d/Deaf, disabled, low-vision, economically disadvantaged, and first-time theatergoers.

Turn Red

We believe theater is a communal art;

that it’s necessary in a civil society; and that it’s alive

only when it’s spirit is inclusive and empowering.


We Believe in Access

Accessibility isn’t just about accommodation; it’s about

creating with an elegant world view

that brings a more inclusive beauty. Help us tear down barriers

and create a more courageous future, that is

available to all.


Be a Comrade.

For $10+ a month, Comrades enable free admission to our

captioned and touch tour performances.

Comrades also support new works

devoted to the stories of nontraditional audiences:

including people who are d/Deaf, people with disabilities,

those facing economic barriers, and first-time theatergoers.


Comrades receive:

• Free complimentary drink at EVERY show: The Comrade
• Advanced access to reservations
• Guaranteed seating
• Free swag
• Recognition in our program


Member options

More Reasons to Support Red:

* hosted FIRST EVER unified Access Auditions in Chicago for actors and actresses who are differently-abled!
* one of the first Chicago theaters to ratify the #NotInOurHouse code of conduct
* R+J: The Vineyard selected as one of Top Five Plays of 2015 by Theatre by the Numbers
* Top Emerging Theater – Newcity Stage
* 2016 Nominated for a Company Record of Nine Awards –
* 2016 Jeff Recommended- Taste by Benjamin Brand
* 2016 Best New Theater Company- Chicago Reader (runner up)
* 2016 Best Actor- Chicago Reader (Gage Wallace)
* 2016 Best Director- Chicago Reader (Aaron Sawyer, runner up)
* 2016 Best Director, Time Out Chicago, Aaron Sawyer (runner-up)


Thank you for your support. Our #FreeTheater mission allows us to ask dangerous questions theatrically.

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When filing your taxes, please refer to Red Theater Chicago NFP using the following Tax ID Number/EIN: 46-3240774

No goods or services have been provided in exchange for this gift.

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Red Theater Chicago
PO Box 408382
Chicago, IL 60640

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Janette Bauer and Aaron Sawyer

Janette Bauer and Aaron Sawyer



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