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Captions and Touch Tours EVERY time

Red Theater produces FREE captioned and Touch Tour performances in every production. We curate the Chicago Storefront Interpreter Database to help other companies find ASL Interpreters eager to help make Chicago theater more accessible to everyone. We also produce the Unified Chicago Accessibility Auditions for Actors who are d/Deaf and/or Disabled every year!



Chicago's Annual Unified Storefront Accessibility Auditions are for Performers who are d/Deaf and/or Disabled. While our focus is on discovering new talent, Equity and non-Equity talent are both welcome.

The location is wheelchair accessible, and we will have ASL interpreters on staff as needed


Our commitment to accessibility through every stage of the creative process lowers the barriers of access, allowing all audiences to see new and reimagined works that broaden perspectives and inspire dialogue.



Every production offers performances with captions or ASL interpreters for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing audience members. Dates are listed on the Tickets page.

What to have captions on your production? Check out the Chicago Storefront Theater Interpreters Database


Touch Tours

At least one professional Touch Tour is offered with every production. Some performances also contain audio description. Dates are listed on the Tickets page.


Free Tickets

Every production offers #FreeTheater tickets at our Touch Tour, Caption, and other select performances. Information is listed on the Tickets page or by contacting us.

Chicago Storefront Theater Interpreters Database

This database is intended to aid the Chicago theater community in finding interpreters friendly to helping grow Chicago's d/Deaf theater artists and audiences.


It's a standard to hire two interpreters for events/rehearsals that last longer than two hours, but ultimately it is up to the agreement you have with the interpreter. Performances will often require two or three interpreters even if they are less than two hours.

Chicago Storefront Theater Interpreters Database