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Top Emerging Theater – Newcity Stage

2016 Nominated for a Company Record of Nine Awards –

2016 Jeff Recommended- Taste by Benjamin Brand

2016 Best New Theater Company- Chicago Reader (runner up)
2016 Best Actor- Chicago Reader (Gage Wallace)
2016 Best Director- Chicago Reader (Aaron Sawyer, runner up)
2016 Best Director, Time Out Chicago, Aaron Sawyer (runner-up)

R+J: The Vineyard

Top Five Shows of 2015 – Theatre by the Numbers

“One of the most visceral, relatable, and impactful
Shakespeare performances in recent memory.” -Chicago Reader

Taste by Benjamin Brand

Taste by Benjamin Brand

Taste by Benjamin Brand

“Taste is delicious, and Sawyer expertly orchestrates 90 minutes of excruciating but often hilarious tension. His cast, Gage Wallace and Kevin V. Smith, bring dancerlike precision to nearly every moment. It’s harrowing, hysterical, horrifying, and singularly exhilarating.” Justin Hayford, The Chicago Reader on Taste


Red Hamlet

Red Hamlet by Aaron Sawyer

“While the comedy is intoxicating, the serious themes are equally gripping, and the somber moments are beautifully played; the command of range shown by the cast is formidable. I’ve heard said of Shakespearean adaptations that The Bard would be proud of. In this case, The Bard wouldn’t just be proud; he’d be a little bit jealous.” -Joy Campbell, Chicago Theater Beat on Red Hamlet

“Sawyer’s stalwart cast expertly navigate the shifting terrain, managing to stand their ground when they need emotional paydirt. Unexpected delights arise in this 90-minute marvel…” –Justin Hayford, The Chicago Reader on Red Hamlet

Brendan Connelly and McKenna Liesman as Romeo and Juliet.

Brendan Connelly and McKenna Liesman as Romeo and Juliet.

R+J: The Vineyard adapted by

Janette Bauer and Aaron Sawyer

“Delivering all kinds of eloquence, Sawyer’s staging presents a richly varied menu of communication…these eleven performances–from a collective comprised of deaf, hard-of-hearing and ASL interpreters–inevitably open up an audience–and a critic–to a different, if not deeper, tragedy.” – Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema  on R+J: The Vineyard

Actors that are hearing, hard of hearing, deaf, and ASL-fluent merge seamlessly across moments of sound and silence, conjuring up an exciting new story form that offers everything from riotous laughter to gut-punching despair. —Marissa Oberlander, Chicago Reader on R+J: The Vineyard

schwyekMore works:

“Viciously funny… Taking “blood, sweat and tears” to its literal extreme, Red Theater’s production is a sharp critique of what’s truly at stake in the business of entertaining.” – NewCityStage on Year of the Rooster

Chekhov’s works can be hilarious and in Sawyer’s script humor is in abundance. …every character is layered, truthful and compelling.” – on Three Soldiers (for Sisters)

“Emotion sure to intoxicate audiences… Aaron Sawyer’s directions was simple, ingenious, beautiful.” -Gapers Block on Dylan


Praise for our early  works in Nebraska

Winter09TH ThefirstshowTH   Spring2009THloveTH believeTH alltogetherTH

“In a typical theater experience, an imaginary fourth wall stands between the stage and the audience, separating the worlds of fantasy and reality.
Red Theater Omaha’s “Newfangled” took a wrecking ball to that wall and replaced it with a mirror, blurring the lines between performer and audience, fact and fiction. And it did so 30 times over.”
-UNO Gateway

It was about the gritty realism of being a theater major. Here. Now… All I can say is don’t mess with these kids or they will stick your nose in it. That is the essence of theater.”
-Daily Nebraskan

“I’m not going to waste time discussing lighting or sound or any of that nonsense, because “Red Theater” is not about that. It’s about obscenity, nudity, honesty and poop…”
-Daily Nebraskan

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